This 11 Year Old Boy Just Died. His Final Wish Brought Heartfelt Tears To My Eyes


11 year old Liang Yaoyi had been suffering from brain cancer for quite some time, doctors didn’t give him much time to live. In a manner of sheer bravery, Yaoyi decided to donate his organs before he passed away. That was his one wish.

He previously told his family that if he could have survived the brain cancer he would have become a doctor to try and cure everyone else suffering from the disease.

Liang Yaoyi donated his liver and kidneys that saved several peoples lives.


Shortly after the operation and Yaoyi passing, doctors bowed to him and his mother three times.

liang-yaoyi-11-year-old-chinese-boy-with-brain-tumor-donates-organs-body-to-save-others-02via kindnessblog

Liang Yaoyi is a true inspiration and a hero. To be so young and have to make that kind of decision; i could never imagine.

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