Couple Spends 20 Years Building A Self-Sustaining, Floating Island To Live Off The Grid

Here is what “living off the grid” can look like: Meet Catherine King, 59, and her husband Wayne Adams, 66.

Together they’ve managed to build a sustainable home and island off the coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia.

They’ve named their fortress, “Freedom Cove” and it’s comprised of 12 floating terraces. Their self-sustaining island includes a dance floor, an art gallery, a guest lighthouse, a studio, and five green houses.

They’re able to gather their own food from half an acre of land.  The water for the couple comes from a nearby waterfall in the summer and rainwater during the winter months.

The entire island is powered by 14 solar panels and has since switched to a generator after the panels broke down. People from nearby Tofino stop and checkout Catherine’s and Adam’s sustainable lifestyle.

The couple began Freedom Cove in 1992


The home has been evolving since then and is home to the two artists’ art gallery, studio, dance floor, and 5 greenhouses


They have a lovely garden where they get all of their food
Water from rainfall and the local waterfall
Their solar panels were town down by a winter storm causing them to need a generator
The home is made of lumber
And turned into 12 floating terraces



A musician, dancer, writer and painter
Wayne has made a living carving sculptures made of wood, fossilized ivory and mammoth tusk



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h/t Boredpanda / Photos via: Freedom Cove Tours

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