They Call This Place The ‘Zoo Of Death.’ And Here’s Exactly Why It Needs To Be Shut Down

Zoos really are not my thing and now this just proved why I have a certain disdain for them. They come from the Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia. And if you are an animal lover, it is going to make your blood boil. The animal hell is what they call the ‘Zoo of Death’. The word death and zoo already sound horrific together.



Animal hangings have occurred in this hell. Mysterious deaths have taken place where the bodies have never been recovered. Animal parts that are of value have allegedly been sold to the illegal wildlife trade for profit. Sweet elephants have been chained up; and emaciated camels are kept in the enclosures lacking proper care, just to name a few of the horrors that have taken place here.









The zoo mistreats the animals so terribly that they lack nutrition, basic care; their living conditions are horrific and approximately 25 animals die each month of reported unnatural causes such as starvation.


You can stay updated on the progress to save these animals and give them your support on Facebook and their website. Also, you can sign the petition here. Spread the word, make sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go. (H/T LifeBuzz) (Photo credits: unknown)

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