They Bought This Abandoned 18th Century Chateau… Without Knowing What Was Inside

Now this is the type of story we love seeing.  Old buildings and structures have so much character and history that is irreplaceable once it becomes lost.  It seems like such a waste to to allow these buildings rich with an eras culture to ever be be destroyed and forgotten.


“In 2013 it was purchased by an Australian family who have taken on the responsibility to awaken this sleeping beauty after years of neglect. “


There’s always something special about visiting old hotels, restaurants, museums and homes that have remained preserved and outlasted the test of time. Chateau de Guadanes was almost abandoned until Karina and Craig Waters saw that it had been listed for sale for four years. However, there was one small catch… they could not look inside before buying it….

The previous owners bought the property in hopes of it becoming a luxury hotel but weren’t able to get the permits approved.  This poor chateau was left to continue to weather the storm.


“Chateau de Gudanes, an abandoned, neglected and ruined chateau tucked neatly into a deep valley in the French Pyrénées. A site where the first stories of religious tragedies began in the 13th century” describes the chateau’s website. What took years of negotiation finally resulted in them owning their very own 18th century French chateau.

Thanks to the Waters deciding to undertake the project of restoring the Chateau de Guadanes, we may one day get to enjoy this classic gem.
The Waters are attempting to keep as much of the original detailing and paint as possible.
The chateau was once inherited by Adolphe de Limairac from his father which he then added a monogram in approximately 1870.




The discoveries in the chateau are endless.  Check out this this “hole” which is believed to have been a tunnel leading to town.


300 hundred years of vibrant history lay within these walls.





You can track the progress of the chateau by visiting their Facebook page.  While we sit and hope that this will be available soon, the Waters say, “Ideally,(they’d like) to begin, a cafe and tours, even in its well worn state.

By 2016 we would like to also offer you accommodation, a gift shop, and facilities for weddings, music festivals, local fêtes, workshops, conferences, seminars and courses.”


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