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These Unusually Creative Candles Cry Scented Tears Of Creepiness When They Burn

If you’re looking for unique skull candles, you really need to check out the The Jacks, unique candles that cry as they melt.

These ingeniously designed candles currently come in black or white skull bases with brain-shaped candles, rabbits with ear shaped candles and deers with antler shaped candles.

They successfully raised funds on Kickstarter a few years ago, and now have numerous types of candles available for sale.

What’s even more impressive is that all of these candles are hand-made. According to The Jacks, “The material of 3D printer was too expensive to afford and the metal was difficult to form in shapes to create a mold. Among all, ceramic was the perfect material which was environmental friendly and cheap. It could even lessen a burden for our customers.
But it was hard to find a craft man who could actually form a mold with our prototype. We met dozens of craft mans but they all have refused except one who had 40 years experience in this field.”

The Jacks


Every candle is also hand-made





They come in a variety of different scents


Along with the skulls, these also have rabbit and deer



They have various different candles, but the crying ones will run you about $49. You can purchase the candles over at their website! Like what you’re reading? Be sure to give this a share with your friends on Facebook before you go.

h/t: Laughing Squid

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