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These Fish Tea Bags Turn Into Cute Little Goldfish Inside Your Cup

Have you ever seen a fish tea bag that was this adorable?! Students at St. John’s University in Taipei developed the idea a few years ago, and now their tiny goldfish tea bags have finally showed up in U.S. markets via Amazon.

The fish’s body swells when dunked into water, while the thread of the tea bag remains attached to its mouth so you can tug it around as though it’s swimming.

The bags come in one of four varieties of Taiwanese tea leaves: rose oolong, ruby black, jin yuan, and Oriental beauty. And they all look pretty damn awesome.


The cute little tea bags come in four different Taiwanese tea leaves: rose oolong, ruby black, jin yuan, and Oriental beauty.


So cute, but so expensive! They’ll set you back $80 for a box of 12


They look awesome though!



If you want to grab yourself a box, check them out here.

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