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Ridiculously Realistic Soap Bar Shaped Game Controllers

Gaming and cleanliness can now go hand in hand thanks to these vegan-friendly realistic soaps that look exactly like game controllers.

Just like the incredible soap Game Boy And SNES Game Cartridges we posted about a few months ago… now you can have these awesome matching controller to go with it.

These contemporary and classic full scale model controllers come in an ‘Energy Citrus’ fragrance and have 7 controllers you can choose from to get your clean on. You can even eat them, but you probably shouldn’t. This should definitely get the kids a tad more excited about showering.


PS4 and PS3 controllers




SNES controller

7 - Copy

NES controller


Sega controller


Xbox 360 controller


Xbox One controller


I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t probably ever leave the shower. If you’re interested in purchasing these you can do so here.

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