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These Ridiculously Cool Glass Sculptures Look Like Waves Crashing

Santa Cruz, California based artists Marsha Baker and Paul DeSomma jointly featured the intricacies in the ocean’s environment through solid glass sculpting. The married couple have worked together on several glass project series and met at the esteemed Pilchuck Glass School in 1989 and eventually opened their own glass studio in 2001. Featured below is what the art duo captured the beauty of crashing waves in stunning glass sculptures.

[mashshare]1Photo by Laughing Dog Gallery

2Photo by Laughing Dog Gallery

3Photo by Laughing Dog Gallery

4Photo by Laughing Dog Gallery

5Photo by Paul Schraub

6Photo by Paul Schraub

wave-detailPhoto by Paul Schraub

7Photo by Paul Schraub


Pretty incredible huh?! You can check out more work from Baker and DeSomma at their website. Make sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go. (h/t TwistedSifter) (photo credits: The Laughing Dog Gallery & Paul Schraub)

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