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These People Just Built A Fully Functional Zombie Hunting Moped And It’s Completely Kick-Ass

Doomsday preppers are going to love this idea: Check out this Armageddon survival bike. A Santa Cruz-based company at Motoped has your back in case a zombie breakout were to happen with their Motoped Survival Bike: Black Ops Edition.



The bike is equipped for crossbows, saws, additional gas tanks, an axe, survival shovels, a harpoon, and you can even get it with a .50 caliber machine gun. The bike offers a range of options depending on what you’re wanting to do. It’s actually the same motor kit as the original Motoped (50-190cc Honda motor for any mountain bike) except that you can add accessories on it that’ll help you take on some zombies. What do you think? Is this just taking things too far?





There’s no price listed on this model, but it’s safe to assume that if you have to ask…. you probably can’t afford it. Don’t forget to give this a like and a share on Facebook before you go! Let us know what you thought in the comments section below. (h/t highconsumption)

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