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These Overly Complicated Steampunk Style Light Switch Covers Make Flipping A Switch Fun

Switching lights on and off in any household has really become second nature.

You don’t even need to think about it anymore. You know where it is and how to use it even in the dark. As with many things that are simple, there’s always something or someone to make it more complex.

This is where Green Tree Jewelry comes in: they’ve designed complex, ergonomically charming switch plate covers that will turn your mundane light switching habits into something a little more stimulating.

One of these will run you about $49.95, depending on the design you choose.









If you’re interested in purchasing one of these cool steampunk switch plate covers you can do so here. Like what you’re reading? Be sure to give this a thumbs up and share on Facebook before you go.

More info: Green Tree Jewelry

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