These Guy’s In Hawaii Decided To Dig Out A River, And The Result Looks Insanely Fun

If the ocean isn’t giving you enough waves, you make your own waves. At least this is what some surfers from the Waimea River in Hawaii decided to do.  It’s their very own man-made wave pool and by the looks of it, everyone is really enjoying it.


To combat the flooding from heavy rains that hit the North Shore of Oahu every year, local surfers dig up the sand to connect the mouth of the Waimea River to the shorebreak at Waimea Bay. It’s pretty incredible to watch how big the waves actually become.

They use shovels and their hands 


Slowly… the trenches form


After a few hours of hard work… the water starts to flow


Once the water starts flowing, the channel will slowly start to widen


And this is what you get….


In case you’re wondering if this is bad ecologically… it’s not. The high surf in the winter dams the river, which would normally flow into the ocean. So instead of it eroding on its own… they just decided to dig it out to have a fun day of surfing.

Check out it out below:

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