These Guys Cooking Steaks Over Molten Lava Is The Ultimate Way To Grill

You will want to kiss traditional grilling goodbye after watching Syracuse University’s most notable geologist grill a 10-ounce rib-eye steak with lava. SU’s Professor Robert Wysocki of Visual Performing Arts and Earth Sciences professor Jeff Karson who are both co-directors of the facility, combine art and science via a man-mad volcano.


Ummm yes… medium rare please


It’s been titled the Lava Project and even has chef Sam Bompas on board creating the hottest barbecue known to man. Chef Bompas first attempted cooking with lava on a trip to Japan and spoke to NPR about the unique food venture, “We found there is one man in the world who can make synthetic lava,” says Bompas, “and we called him up.” This seriously hot lava is any chef’s dream. Traditional ovens only reach 750 degrees Fahrenheit.

This grill can spike up to 2,000 degrees although the downfall is that it takes up to 70 hours to melt the rock into lava. If you want a tasty lava steak, you’ll have to wait a while.


Pretty cool huh?! Now, it’s obvoiusly not the most practical thing to grill with, but hey…. at least you will look like a total bada** while doing it. (h/t

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