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These Guys Built A Portable Hot Tub You Can Take Anywhere, And Yes… I’m Incredibly Jealous

Of course someone from Portland would invent this — right? The company goes by The Original Nomad and they designed a collapsible hot tub that you can take any where your next adventure leads you. The tub is 60″ in diameter and 56″ in height and weighs about 20 pounds.



You’ll need to heat the water in the water coil with propane firewood. To get this thing hot enough, it’ll take you about 2-2.5 hours so plan accordingly. It also starts at about $550. Just think of the awesome memories you’ll make with this thing! When things are so serene and all you’re missing is a hot tub.


The coil that circulates and heats the water


The entire setup will run you about $625


But considering you can take it anywhere you go… it’s probably worth it






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