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These Disturbingly Realistic Baby Masks By HyperFlesh Will Give You Nightmares For Life

In case you were looking to be a giant ultra-realistic baby this Halloween, we’ve got you covered. The incredibly detailed baby mask is handcrafted by artist Landon Meier, of HyperFlesh ,who signs, numbers and provides a display stand for each to keep your mask looking good.

You can pick from disgusted baby, happy baby and cry baby in a one size fits all. It’s made from high quality, extra thick latex which will fit on even the biggest of heads, so no need to worry.

It’ll set you back a whopping, $450 to $500, but the crazy reactions you may get on the streets and at parties will last forever.

Mask are created by HyperFlesh


Crying Baby Mask

crying baby mask




You can buy them here at his website.

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