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These Cool Candles Slowly Reveal Their Skeleton As They Melt

You’ve probably seen those creepy skeleton heads that cry wax tears as they burn.

Here’s something we found that’s a little similar, that’s pretty cool as well.

Robert Scott of Skeleton Candles, has created these cool Angry Owl candles that once they burn, leave behind a creepy owl skeleton made from laser cut aluminum.

Skeleton Candles have already launched two successful Kickstater campaigns, one with angry owls and the other with gummy bears.

Along with these cool skeleton candles, Scott and his team also create and sell many geometric shaped candles. The Angry Owl and Gummy Bear skeleton candles will run you anywhere between $25 – $39.



Each owl candle burns for about 30 hours


Scott not only founded the company, he also designs every aspect of the candle… “I normally do a couple rough sketches on paper to get a feel for the look of the design. The process can take anywhere from a week to a month depending on what other projects I’m working on at the moment.”


This is my final form!!




The gummy bears last 100 hours


Just make sure you put something underneath them

Their new candle Rexy is also set to launch later this month on Kickstater



Pretty cool, huh?! You check out more from Skeleton Candles over at their website…. You can also keep up-to-date it with their products and new product launches over at their Facebook page.

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