These Cool Bonsai Skulls Bring The Dead Back To Life In Stunning Detail

These creepily awesome Grave Yard Bonsai Mountain Skull’s (mouth full, I know) created by an Australian company are a must-have.

It’s a rather unique take on “Memento mori,” remember that you can die, in Latin. It was created to serve as a reminder of our very own mortality and is made of PVC plastic molded off of a real human skull by Jack Of The Dust.

According to their website, “while I try to minimize the variants from piece to piece, it’s a natural part of the handmade process, no two skulls will ever be the same.”

“The way I create my artwork is the same way that movie props are made! First, a sculpture is hand sculpted and molded (the old school way) and from that, we create a strong durable cast that can stand the test of time.”

Each skull is handmade



The detail in each skull is simply astonishing







If you’re interested in seeing more, or purchasing you can do that over at their Instagram.

You can also check out more from Jack Of The Dust here. Follow them on Facebook | Instagram

h/t: Pulptastic

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