These Cleverly Designed Lamps Allow You To Grow Plants Without Sunlight And Water

Have you ever wanted a plant in your home or office but lack a window and sunlight? Then checkout Mygdal Plantlamp.

This unique, self-sustaining lamp allows you to care for a plant in your living space without having to have direct sunlight and water every day.

The lamp was created by Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke from German design team, Nui Studio.

The low-maintenance lamps were created for urban areas and are self-sustaining. The plant never needs water and the LED light acts as sunlight which helps to jump start photosynthesis.

“The water inside the pendant cannot escape, evaporating and condensing in a closed cycle that keeps the plant always sufficiently wet,” according to Nui Studio.

You can pick from hanging and standing lamps. Standing lamps come with a glass coating that conducts electricity so that the power source can reach the top LED lights.








The plants come in both regular and large, and you can choose between jungle, zen, and lush arrays. You can request your very own here!

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h/t: (MentalFloss)

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