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These Bizarre Motorcycle Helmets Look Exactly Like Shaved Human Heads

These insanely realistic human head helmets were designed by Dubai-based artist Jyo John-Mulloor. Wearing helmets isn’t always to coolest thing to do but, it’s extremely important for cranial protection. Jyo titled the project HumanHelmet in hopes that this alternative will be much more comfortable for all bikers.


“All my life I have always been a passionate motorcyclist. I love everything about motorbiking but the helmets. The most uncomfortable gear you could ever wear.” Said Mulloor. “Project: HumanHelmet is an outcome of my extreme dislike to wearing a thick, clunky piece of metal that’s simply not as comfortable as wearing a bandanna, cap or nothing at all.”


Each helmet is custom made with the image of your very own head


Annnnnd…. that’s not creepy


According to Mulloor, “some manufactures have already shown interest in launching a line of helmets under this design umbrella. I hope to see these designs moving across the streets soon.”



This will probably confuse a multitude of cops when they see bikers riding around with these peculiar helmets. It’s all in the name of fashionable safety. Like what you’re reading? Then sign up for our free e-mail subscription. Don’t forget to give this a share with your friends on Facebook before you go. (h/t Distractify) (via Jyo John-Mulloor)

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