40 Household Hacks With Brilliant Hidden Uses You Never Thought Of

Turns out there are items around your home you aren’t utilizing and they’re called household hacks!

Yup, instead of running to the store and trying to fix something or find a solution to many common dilemmas, you should check and see if you have the following items around.

We guarantee you have at least one of these things tucked away somewhere.

1. Rubber band hack


A rubber band around a paint can makes a good excess paint scraper.

2. Drinking straw


Thread a necklace through a straw to prevent tangling. It’s great for storage, and for travel, you can pack them into a toothbrush container.

3. Multi-level hanger3

Use this as a jewelry organizer.

4. Safety pin


A safety pin on the inside of trouser legs will prevent static cling.

5. Plastic water bottle


Squeeze a bottle and then use it like a vacuum to separate eggs mess-free.

6. Buttons


Use buttons to pair earrings, especially small ones, and prevent them from getting lost.

7. Kneaded eraser


This art supply is great for getting scuff marks out of wood as well as light-colored leather. Knead to clean.

8. Glasses case

8Even if you don’t wear glasses, these are great containers for small items like keys, jewelry, and earphones.

9. Makeup brush



These soft brushes are perfect for dusting between computer keys. Just make sure they’re clean of any makeup first.

10. Emery board


This type of nail file is also perfect for gently buffing out scuff marks on suede.

11. Large paper clip


This comes in handy for fastening a bracelet. Simply hook it onto the bracelet and hold with the same hand that’s wearing the bracelet, clasping it with the other. The paper clip holds it in place.

12. Newspaper


In a pinch, a page of black-and-white newsprint (not color!) can give dark-colored shoes a polish.

13. Shower curtain hooks


Use these to make the most of a hanger. They’re perfect for scarves or belts. You can also attach them right to the rod in the closet to hang bags.

14. Wrapping paper tube


These are great for storing linens without creasing them. Simply roll the linen around the tube and stow them away. They’re also made with acid-free cardboard, so they won’t discolor the fabric.

15. Sheets, towels, and old clothes


When moving, towels, sheets, and old clothes can double as packing material for fragile items.

16. Prewash laundry spray


Laundry spray is also good for getting off tough stickers or adhesives.

17. Clear nail polish


Clear nail polish is good for reinforcing things, including the screws on eyeglasses and loose buttons.

18. Bread tags


Keep your cords neat by labeling them with bread tags.

19. Rubber gloves


A rubber glove (or rubber band) works great for opening tough jar lids, giving you the friction you need.

20. Dryer sheets


These are great for dusting baseboards. They also help repel dust, meaning you’ll have less cleaning to do next time.

21. Sticky notes


Before you throw one out, remember that the sticky side is great for gathering crumbs and grit from between keys on a keyboard.

22. Bar of soap22

Run a bar of soap over both sides of a sticky zipper to get it running smoothly again.

23. Wide-toothed comb23

Just like with hair, these combs are good for getting tangles out of shag carpets and fringes on curtains and blankets.

24. Soda can tab


A soda tab can link two hangers together. Put the tab over the hook of one hanger, and hang the second hanger from the other hole. Now you can store more clothing, and keep outfit pieces together.

25. Mesh bag25

A wadded-up mesh bag, the kind onions and oranges come in, is great for scrubbing out pots and pans without scratching them.

26. Shower curtain


Keep a shower curtain in the car; you never know when you might want to have a picnic. They’re easier to clean than grass-stained jeans and blankets.

27. Scrubby sponge


The scrubby side of a sponge is great for de-pilling a sweater. Just make sure you use a clean scrubber.

28. Pillowcase


And old pillowcase can be reused as a clothing storage bag by cutting a hole in the top for a hanger hook to pass through. The nice thing about these is that they won’t trap moisture the way plastic does

29. Cooking spray

29Cooking spray works great on a squeaky or stiff hinge.

30. Flower pot saucer


These are perfect for putting under a plunger in the bathroom to collect drips.

31. Pipe cleaners


Wrapping these around a hanger makes for an easy no-slip surface.

32. Plastic lid


Using a lid from a finished food (think tubs of spreads like sour cream) or takeout container under metal items like shaving cream or hair spray cans prevents rusty rings on your bathroom counters.

33. Binder clip


If your wallet has seen better days, you can use this as a money clip (the clamp part) and a key chain (the handles).

34. Baby powder


A sprinkle of this helps detangle necklaces. Rub it into the knot, and then pick apart with a pin.

35. Muffin paper


Speared onto the end of a popsicle, these make great drip-catchers. If you like making preserves or other jarred items, they also make great lids when tied on with a ribbon.

36. Tissue boxes


Store plastic bags in a tissue box. This way, you can pull them out easily.

37. Masking tape


A piece of masking tape over the mouth of a dry baking item helps level off a measuring spoon. It’s also thin enough that you can snap the lid on right over it for future use.

38. Coffee filters


These can help prevent dirt from spilling through a flower pot’s drainage hole.

39. Lint roller


Clean out the inside of a purse with one of these.

40. Lollipops


This is a fun one: for a party, use lollipops as drink stirrers to add flavor and color to beverages.

If you thought these home hacks were clever just wait until you see these top 50 life hacks!

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