These 25 Death Defying Photos Prove That Some People Are Just Bat Sh*t Crazy

People do some crazy things… just take a look at these pictures for instance. But you always have to remember, what is crazy to you may be passion to someone else. Most people that do these type of death defying activities say they feel more alive then ever…. almost as if it’s a calming sensation.


1_original-934xNational Geographic

468-934xCorey Rich

566-934xBrian Mosbaugh

657-934xKeith Ladzinski


942-934xSolent News/Rex/Rex USA

1043-934xLucas Gilman

1157-934xAlex Honnold

1241-934xRonny Randen

1332-934xIsacc Gautschi

1630-934xJared Alden

1825-934xGreg Sims

2024-934xKrystle Wright

2142-934xGordon Wiltsie

2145-934xSHAMS /BARCROFT MEDIA/Barcroft Media /Landov

2227-934xMichael Nichols

2324-934xDesre Tate

2520-934xVadim Makhorov


4610-934xBrian Mosby

Balancing-artist-Eskil-Ro-003-934xEskil Ronningsbakken

canyon_1100x608-934xRobbie Knievel

Interfoto-Debutantutstilling-Sindre-Lundvold-934xSindre Lundvold


Some people just fear nothing…. wow. Don’t forget to give this a share on Facebook. (H/T Distractify)

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