These 17 Famous Logos Have A Hidden Message, And Probably Never Knew It

10. Amazon

They’ve got everything from “a to z”


92807643-3f29-481d-a24b-229ac9628f50The “VA” represents an analogwave and the “IO” represents a digital binary code.

12. Hartford Whalers

There is the whale’s tale, the letter “W” in green and the “H” in the white space.

13. Wendy’s

Did you catch the, “mom” in Wendy’s collar? Some believe it’s supposed to remind you of mom’s cooking when you come and eat here. The company actually said this was unintentional.

14. Unilever

Unilever is one of the most multinational companies around.  They sell everything, which is why their logo displays all of the goods they have to offer.

15. Spartan 

The golfer is also the face of the spartan. More obvious than others, yet clever.

16. Bronx Zoo

This is a cool one.  Can you see the buildings beneath the giraffes?

17. Sun Microsystemsfd6eed83-7909-4035-945d-2163a2955129

This tech company’s logo of the diamond has the word, “Sun” in every direction.


The next time you see a logo, will you search for the subtle hints they give? Don’t forget to share these with your friends! (h/t diply)

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