These 17 Famous Logos Have A Hidden Message, And Probably Never Knew It

Instant public recognition is what logos are for. Some are more creative than others and even more clever.  Some logos are more graphic while some just display the name of an organization. The boom in the advertising industry came just after the industrial revolution that combined typography and imagery together on one page.

Logo designs are some of the hardest things to perfect. Walking down the grocery aisle or seeing a billboard with advertisements may not always grab your attention since advertisement has become forcefully ingrained into our daily lives, however, there are more to these logos than you might have originally thought. Listed below are 17 logos that have instances of subliminal messages.


1. Goodwill

The “g” in goodwill is actually a smiley face.

2. Toblerone

The Swiss chocolate bar is produced in Berne, which is why you see “BERNE” in the darker red. 



3. Baskin Robins

Despite popular belief, the “31” in the center of “B” and “R” isn’t because there are “31 flavors”.  It’s there because there are 31 days in a month and 31 represents a different ice cream flavor for each day of the month. (Mint Chocolate Chip for me was a no brainer)

4. Hope for African Children Initiative

017b35e9-a2e2-446e-a4c2-e8dc70e007cfThis one is pretty obvious, right?  It’s the continent of Africa and a silhouette forming it.

5. Formula 1

Do you see the “1”?

6. Elefont

78ee4eff-cf00-43cf-843f-a3dc399dd823Did you catch the elephant trunk?

7. Coke

93ec1a8e-5547-4eaa-b3e1-86e6df5a4e5eWho is the happiest country in the world?  You guessed right — it’s Denmark.  Do you see the Denmark flag in the second “o”? This wan’t intentionally done, however… Coke did decide to run with it. They actually use this as apart of their ad campaign in Denmark.



8. Tostitos

The “t” is two friends sharing Tostitos. 

9. Northwest Airlines

This logo actually has two hidden messages. First, it features an N and a W in negative spaces. Second, the triangle in the circle points northwest as if it’s a compass.

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