This Ridiculously Cool Paint Job Unleashes The Hulk When You Pour Hot Water On It

Sorry Xzibit but, Pimp My Ride has nothing on this BMW. People can get really creative when it comes to their vehicles, especailly with custom paint jobs. Check out this BMW X6, created by artist Rene Turrek from Osnabrück, Germany… It looks like any ordinary Blue Beamer, until he pours hot water on it.

There’s not much about the video but he seems to have used Thermochromic Paint, which changes color as the temperature changes. Basically, as the temperature goes up, the pigment becomes colorless, revealing the base coat or graphics underneath…. the result is pretty awesome.

It’s cold in the video which is why he’s using hot water, but if you lived somewhere warm during a rainy day this is what would happen.





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