There’s Actually A Lot More To The Cremation Process Than You Might Think

Death is never easy on anyone.  The thought of where to put your loved one following a passing is a hard decision that most everyone will have to make at some point or another.  The average cost of a funeral according to the National Funeral Directors Association, was $7,045 not including a vault or grave.

In 2012, the United States had a cremation rate of 43.2%. While cremation isn’t always a first choice for some, it is the only choice for many due to the costs of burials.  It’s become more common for people to  carry the ashes of their loved ones with them.

This sort of morbid idea gives those left behind a little more freedom to do as they choose with what’s left of their loved ones.  In the meantime, here are the people who make this possible. Ashes to ashes. Don’t forget to share this with friends! (h/t viralnova)

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