The World’s Largest Indoor Water Park Is Built Inside A Huge German Airship Hangar

The respected producer and director Casey Neistat, took the most ridiculous and insane trip to an indoor water park with his son Owen.

It isn’t just any indoor water park though, it’s Tropical Islands Resort built in a massive airship hangar that sits right outside of Berlin, Germany. The unique water park features an indoor rainforest, water-slides, and glow in the dark pools.

The Tropical Sea covers an area of 32,000 sq. ft, three times the size of an Olympic swimming pool. The water has a constant temperature of 82 degrees, and there’s a 200-metre-long sandy beach.

The 1,200-square-metre Lagoon has a constant temperature of 84 degrees. A counter-current, two water slides and whirlpools in the bays provide guests with some additional fun.
Tropical Islands is home to Germany’s highest water slide tower at 88 feet high.

There are four different slides, including a power turbo slide that allows the more adventurous to reach speeds of up to 43 mph.

The hangar measures 1,181 feet long by 688 feet wide by 351 high. It was built by Carl von Gablenz


It’s a completely fake paradise with 600 feet of sandy beach for fake shoreline


50, 000 trees from 600 varieties
It even includes a nine-story water slide that’ll send you speeding into into a 3,000 square yard swimming pool at approximately 44 mph


It seems there are even some inhabitants who never leave


It’s also the world’s largest indoor rainforest




It even comes to life at night





What’s your verdict? Does a water park built in an old military blimp hangar sound enticing at all?

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