The World’s First Self-Powered Video Camera Can Literally Record Forever

Students from the Department of Computer Science at Columbia University in New York have created a self-powered camera which converts incident light into electric energy which powers the camera. Creators of the self-powered camera, Shree Nayar, Daniel Sims, and Mikhail Fridberg, state that the camera produces 30×40 images and works in a cyclical way.


Self Powered camera

Together with their professor, they were able to create this camera that can record forever… as long as it is used in a well-lit indoor scene. The ‘forever cam’ can be used in both photoconductive (digital camera) and photovoltaic (solar cell) modes. While the camera can record indefinitely, the quality of the resolution still isn’t that great. As of now, it has the ability to produce one image per second.

Image Sensor



A battery free camera is a great idea and hopefully its resolution will soon catch up. Be sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go. For more stories, subscribe to our e-mail lsit. (h/t realtechtoday)

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