The Way Piranhas Feed Is Absolutely Insane, And Utterly Terrifying To Watch

After watching this video, my fear of piranhas has reached an all time high. These things are terrifyingly ruthless. This YouTube video shows an angler throwing in large chunks of meat into piranha-infested waters turning it into a feeding frenzy! A piranha will usually attack during the dry season and when water levels are low. I take it food has been quite scarce for these voracious meat eaters — judging by their reaction to fresh meat being tossed at them.

University of Nevada biology professor Zeb Hogan explained in National Geographic, “they can be dangerous if they’re trapped in a backwater without food. And as demonstrated in this new video, these piranha are as aggressive as they are because they’re likely being regularly fed by people; when they congregate like this, they act just like they would if trapped in a small pool.”


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