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Waverly Hills Sanatorium: One Of The Most Haunted Hospitals In The World

Originally opened in 1910, Waverly Hills Sanatorium served as an overflowing tuberculosis hospital, a nursing home, and now a popular destination for paranormal investigators and paranormal enthusiasts.

Located in Kentucky, in the early to mid-20th century, when disease was rapid, some 63,000 patients are said to have died here.

Tales of mistreatment and faulty experimental procedures on patients are believed to be the reason this turned out to be one of the most haunted buildings in the U.S.

In 1910, Waverly Hills Sanatorium took on an influx of tuberculosis patients from the new City hospital which needed tents on the grounds to accommodate the masses seeking treatment.



Years later, more wings were added to the institution as thousands of staff worked to combat tuberculosis patients, oftentimes contracting the illness themselves.

Following World War II, the need for the hospital declined and it closed in 1961.



The underground tunnel , or the “body chute” ran from the sanatorium to the bottom of the hill and was originally a heating duct.

However, it was also used to transport the dead so they would avoid being seen by the other patients. It’s believed to be haunted by those who journeyed through the tunnel immediately following their deaths.

Room 502 at the sanatorium has been known for having ghost sightings particularly a ghost of a nurse in uniform.

It is believed that the nurse either committed suicide by hanging or jumped out of a window because she was single and pregnant.




In 2001, the haunted property was purchased by Tina and Charlie Mattingly with hopes of restoring the old sanatorium.

If the first years of owning the building, they managed to replace 100 windows and removed asbestos allowing for haunted tours which helped raise money for the restoration. It will even include a bed and breakfast one day.


Death Tunnel was a film released in 2005 which was inspired by the haunted tunnel and filmed at Waverly Hills Sanatorium 


Featured on Ghost Adventures a few years ago. Below is the entire episode.

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