Take My Money

The Useless Box Is So Stupid That You Will Actually Want To Buy It

This may be the greatest invention ever. What better way to spend your hard earned money then on this useless box.

Designed mostly as a novelty item, the box is actually quite popular. It serves no purpose and makes no sense, but I kinda want to buy one now.

You can buy it preassembled or as parts to put it together. How does it work you ask? Press the PUSH throttle, a leaver will Pop Up and turn off the button, the box will then automatically shut down. Repeat the action and the FUN IS ENDLESS.

Useless Box

useless box

Here’s how it works


Just look at all the fun they are having

Relieving Pressure Partner ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ To Increase The Friendship

You can buy this pointless box over on Amazon where they box comes in both metal and wood.

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