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The Ultra-Creepy Crescent Hotel… One Of The World’s Most Haunted Hotels

The 1886 Crescent Hotel and Spa earned its reputation as one of the most haunted hotels in the country. Making its debut in 1886 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, this hotel ignited ghost stories when it was said that many of its guests who checked into the hotel never checked out.



It’s wasn’t until 1908 that things gradually became weirder. It had originally operated as a luxury hotel and spa before going bankrupt and reopening as the Crescent College and Conservatory for Young Women. Eventually it became a fake cancer hospital where founder Dr. Norman Baker, a man who lacked medical training, conducted shady experiments on dead and alive humans. One of the hotels famous spirits goes by the name of Michael, the Irish stonemason who tragically fell to his death in 1885 when the building was first operating as a hotel.

Another ghost by the name of Theodora, a cancer patient of Dr. Baker’s haunts the place as well. It’s been said she needs help finding her room key. Apparitions of Norman Baker himself have been reported, a nurse pushing a gurney, and a former student who committed suicide.

Front entrance




Room 218, or Michael’s Room, is thought to be one of the most haunted rooms at the hotel


Norman Baker’s mug shot


Basement morgue which still contains Dr. Baker’s autopsy table and walk-in freezer





Ghost tours are available as with any awesome hotel that’s haunted. It even includes a midnight trip to the morgue. You can check more out here. Make sure to give this a share and comment on Facebook before you go. (h/t Thrillist) (via: The Crescent Hotel)

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