The Tallest Structure In The World Ever To Be Moved By Mankind

The size and mass of the Troll-A-Platform is magnificent in its own right, and it’s also the tallest structure to ever be moved by mankind. This natural gas platform sits off of the West coast of Norway and weighs a whopping 656,000 tons.

Its height is approximately 1,548 feet and sits under water at about 1,210 feet deep. It is said to be the largest, most complex engineering project in history and also the largest object ever to be moved by man.

It was even televised back in 1996 as it was towed into the North Sea and is now operating under Statoil.

Troll A happened to be assembled at one location and then floated out to see 124 miles from Vats which took seven days before reaching its final destination — 49 miles north-west of Bergen. With big size comes big things.

The platform even set a Guinness World Record for ‘largest offshore platform’ before the Petronius Platform — which resides in the Gulf of Mexico — nabbed that title.





The Inside



Here’s what it looks like out of the water



What it would look like next to the Eiffel Tower


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