The Tallest Freestanding Rock Climbing Wall In The World Is Pure Insanity

This isn’t your average rock climbing wall…. at all. Standing a towering 121 feet high, the terrifying Excalibur, located in the Netherlands at the Bjoeks Climbing Center is the world’s tallest freestanding rock climbing wall.

This insane climbing wall has a massive 36 foot overhang that mimics a real peak, and a 500 ton solid concrete foundation to keep it from falling over.

Even just looking at it will have your palms in sweat.


The Bjoeks Climb Center features various indoor climbing walls…. just in case the 121 foot one is to terrifying for you…. including one designed for first-time climbers, and another that’s at a 45 degree angle.

They also have a large indoor-outdoor bordering area that offers 117 boulders to climb over. The climbing center was started in 1996 by Gert van deer Veen and his friend Alco Pols.


Check out the entire climb

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