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The Subwing Lets You Fly Underwater, And It’s Pretty Much The Coolest Thing

How would you like to fly underwater? Well, now you can thanks to the subwing.

This would definitely be useful for your next vacation. It requires little to no training and you can glide through at a speed of 4 mph under the sea.

It’s easy to maneuver which allows you to come up for air whenever you need to.

According to Mats Westgård, Director of Subwing,  “riders are towed behind a boat and have the ability to spin, turn and dive almost anywhere. Riding the Subwing will make you feel like you’re flying underwater and gives the rider a sense of dolphin-like freedom.”

You can reach depths up to 12 feet using the Subwing

The price is actually not that bad… $295, and you can purchase one here.

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