What Humans Would Look Like If They Evolved To Survive Car Crashes

In 2014 alone, the U.S. saw 32,675 traffic deaths. That’s 89 people who die each day.

While these crashes seem to be inevitable and cars remain a fabric of our culture, it’s no wonder sculptor Patricia Piccinini, a leading trauma surgeon and road safety engineer, made a point to create Graham.

Graham may look odd to you but that’s because he’s been modified to withstand a car crash. Graham’s unusual evolved features are based on Picinini’s experience and knowledge of traffic accidents.

To Picinini, this is what humans would need to evolve into in order to withstand fatal car accidents. Notice how Graham has no neck to be snapped, a flat and fleshy face to avoid injury to his nose, face, and ears.

Unless you’re built like Graham, you may want to proceed with caution the next time you think about cutting someone off on the freeway or sending that last text message.

This Is Graham






Graham has a rather flat face and a lot of fatty tissue to absorb the energy of an impact


Airbag like ribs


Graham’s skull is a lot bigger, it’s almost helmet like




Graham has thicker and tougher skin to shield and reduce abrasions and road rash


Strong, hoof-like legs with added joints allow him to jump out of the way quickly in a “spring-loaded” fashion


Check out the video

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More info: Meetgraham.comTAC | Patricia Piccinini (h/t BoredPanda)

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