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The Nightmarish Stories And Ghosts Of The Haunted Tower Of London

Built by William the Conqueror in 1078, the Tower of London located in central London has seen its fair share of episodic events. All of the beheadings, torture and murder within its walls over the last 1,000 years have caused dozens upon dozens of hauntings throughout the old castle.


“On one winter day in 1957 at 3 a.m., a guard was disturbed by something striking the top of his guardhouse. When he stepped outside to investigate, he saw a shapeless white figure on top of the tower. It was then realized that on that very same date, February 12, Lady Jane Grey was beheaded in 1554.”


While many ghosts haunt the castle, the most well known spirit in the Tower is that of Ann Boleyn. She was one of the many wives of Henry VIII, who was beheaded in the Tower in 1536. She’s since been spotted on many occasions carrying her head on the Tower Green and in the Chapel Royal.


Other ghosts who haunt the Tower are Henry VI, Thomas a Becket and Sir Walter Raleigh.

Sign with the names of those executed within the Tower


One of the most brutal ghost stories is that of the Countess of Salisbury, “the Countess was sentenced to death in 1541 following her alleged involvement in criminal activities (although it is now widely believed that she was probably innocent). After being sent struggling to the scaffold, she ran from the block and was pursued until she was hacked to death by the axe man.” The execution and ceremony has been seen re-enacted by the resident ghosts of Tower Green.

The White Tower
The Norman chapel in the White Tower
The Tower of London is probably one of the most haunted locations in the British Isles.


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