The Most Ridiculous Yet Hilarious White House Petitions People Actually Signed


Everyone has heard of the website “We the People”. It was created by the White house and anyone can make a petition, anyone. If the petition gets over 100,000 signatures then the White House is supposed to respond to it, no matter how ridiculous it may be. The number use to be 5,000 signatures, but it seems the White House may have had to wizen up due to the internet being largely vast and filled with anxious people to voice their endless opinions. And thanks to the internet and its endless sea of creative participants, we get hysterical petitions such as these…

Begin the Construction of the Death Star from Star Wars


Response: The Death Star petition hit 100,000 signatures, and the White House responded (drum roll please) with, “Why would we spend countless taxpayer dollars on a Death Star with a fundamental flaw that can be exploited by a one-man starship?” Total nerdness and I love it.

Bring Back 3D Doritos


Or Doritios of the future. Which, it ultimately failed obviously, since we now have Jacked Doritos instead of 3D Doritos.

Turn a National Park in To a Dinosaur Clone Park


This petition demanded that the U.S. government fence off a national park and fill it with dinosaur clones; a real-life Jurassic Park, oh hell no…

Build a Statue of Master Chief at the White House


Clearly, an epic hero. Absolutely he deserves a statue…it just won’t be at the White House anytime soon. All hail Master Chief, in your hearts.

Deport Justin Bieber and Revoke His Green Card

whitehouse-petitions-biebermugshot-OptimizedMy personal favorite…for obvious reasons. Oh hell, I wish this would happen. It would make my life! According to the petition by allowing Justin Bieber to live, prosper, and hopefully never procreate America is being “wrongly represented in the world of pop culture”, and of course we are. Dear Justin, head back to Canada. Please. And take Miley with you and Lindsey too as a bonus. Oh–and the Kardashians! As of now the Justin Bieber petition holds over 260,000 signatures and we had better get a response.

(H/T Smosh)

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