The Most Beautiful Library On The Planet Is Incredibly Breathtaking

Every time I think of magnificent libraries, this is what I imagine.

This Klementinum library consists of beautiful Baroque architecture and first opened its doors in 1722 as part of the Jesuit University in Prague.

It’s no wonder the library has been voted as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world making it absolutely bucket list worthy.

The magnificent library houses over 20,000 books of mostly foreign theological literature that arrived to Klementinum in the beginning of the 17th century.

Jan Hiebel painted the ceiling frescoes depicting education, portraits of Jesuit saints, patrons of the university and prominent representatives.

Emperor Joseph II is the portrait you’ll come across at the head of the hall. Eventually, all of these books will be sent to Google for scanning and available online.

Klementinum Library in Prague

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Fun facts about the library” the Klementinum used to be the third largest Jesuit college in the world; recording of local weather began there in 1775 and has continued ever since.

It’s also featured in a novel by famous Spanish-language writer Jorge Luis Borges.

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