Bizarre Anti-Distraction Helmet From 1925 Designed To Improve Work Productivity

We’re distracted today now more than ever.

While our cellphones are incredible tools they can also be a real distraction filled with endless push notifications and messages from friends, family, and work. It’s easy to feel stressed, overwhelmed and as though you’ll never be able to get anything done.

Perhaps those in the 1920s were ahead of their time. They knew our world was filled with distraction even before television became an endless hole of content and social media became an addiction for many.

An inventor by the name of Hugo Gernsback introduced “The Isolator” which was dedicated to combating the distractions we face in 1925.

The purpose of the helmet was to block out every imaginable distraction while you work by completely covering your face in solid wool, including your mouth.

You can definitely still breathe because the helmet comes with an oxygen tank. Your ability to see remains intact as the helmet is equipped with small pieces of glass over the eye. It might look like science fiction, but hey, if it helps you focus then it’s a win-win.

The Isolator came out in 1925 in a science fiction magazine. Perhaps it’s time for some scientist somewhere to revive the idea.

The Isolator Helmet

Hugo Gernsback


h/t Smith Journal

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