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The Government Is Looking For Anyone To Stay In This Creepy Ghost Town… For Free

Welcome to one of the best-preserved ghost towns in Montana. It’s been deserted since the 1930s and once boasted with hotels, stores, saloons, schools, and even had a weekly newspaper. The town of Garnet was actually born in 1895 but faded out when resources became depleted and the struggles of the Great Depression put the ultimate death nail into this once booming town.


It looks like an ordinary town, however many have said it’s one of the most active ghost towns in America

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Volunteers are chosen annually to work as tour guides and to help with the preservation of the town. You won’t be paid for staying here… however, your food and housing are all covered by the government. Don’t expect internet or electricity or running water for that matter. But, there are a few ghosts to wake you up throughout the night.

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The fact that this place turns into an active ghost town by night isn’t holding back the flood of volunteer applications they have received. It’s already filled up for this summer…. but here’s a heads up for next summer.


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4Flickr/Rex Brown


Ready to volunteer? Be sure to give this a share with your friends on Facebook before you go. You can check it out here. (h/t ViralNova / HuffPost)

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