The Future Of Flying Is Coming, And It Will Be In The Form Of A Windowless Plane

We’re less than 10 years away from something pretty spectacular happening….. a complete see-thru windowless airliner. The Center for Process Innovation is currently working on the technology as we speak, here’s basically how it would work.

The plane would have organic LED touch-screens all interconnected that would display the outside view, turning the interior into one huge panoramic picture of the sky.

It would almost be as if the entire plane was transparent…. it would also be cost-effective and more environmentally friendly.

According to CPI, “Over 80% of the fully laden weight of a commercial airliner is the aircraft itself and its fuel. For every 1% reduction in weight, the approximate fuel saving is 0.75%. And less fuel means less CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and lower operational cost.” If no setbacks arise (which you know how that can be) we should see the world’s first windowless plane in 2024.


Passengers could even be able to display whatever they wanted onto the screen



It will even simulate night


I think this would be pretty terrifying, but so cool!! What do you think? Don’t forget to give this a share on your way out. (h/t Daily Mail) (Images: CPI)

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