The Pacu Fish Has Human-Like Teeth, And It’s Beyond Creepy

This is one creepy looking fish lurking in South America and Florida. The Pacu fish closely resemble Piranhas, only that their teeth are extremely similar to that of humans.

They enjoy the freshwater of the Amazon River, however in 2013, there was one caught on the river Seine in Paris, France.

More recently, fishermen have introduced them in Papau New Guinea to help in the local fishing industry. They are frequently sold as “Vegetarian Piranhas” to those who own home aquariums. The distinct feature you’ll remember them for is their human-like teeth.

Luckily for humans — and other things — Pacus are vegetarian and prefer fruits, nuts and select fishes to satisfy their appetite. These things can grow as big as 3 feet and weigh up to 55 lbs. in the wild.

Fish With Human Teeth


Luckily, they’re are vegetarians


Talk about a mouth full of teeth! 


Their jaw alignment differs from Piramhas who have sharper teeth as opposed to square teeth



Pacu fish


I couldn’t do it. Not with the teeth still in like that


The Sheepshead Fish also has human-like teeth

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