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The Desk Microwave, For When Walking To The Break Room Becomes A Challenge


If walking to the microwave is a challenge for you, there’s always the desk microwave. While it’s still in the prototype phase, London based designer Steve Gates hopes to have it manufactured soon. In an interview with NPR, Gates said, “I’ve had a lot of interest in the product and should the right circumstances arise, I would certainly consider manufacturing it.”

The Brainwave (as it’s called) plugs into your computer through a USB port, you would then scan your Lean Cuisine box and the microwave will set it to the correct time.

As if we needed ANYMORE reason to keep sitting.




brainwave_2_-2-sg(H/T NPR / Metro) (Photo Credits: Steve Gates)

Well I guess it’s better than eating out for lunch all the time. Don’t forget to give this a share on Facebook.



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