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The Creepy And Incredibly Haunted Fransworth Inn At Gettysburg

The Battle of Gettysburg is the bloodiest in the history of the Civil War. There were 7,500 soldiers who died along with 51,000 casualties of war. The Farnsworth Inn was named after Brigadier General Elon J. Farnsworth and served as the home to Confederate sharpshooters during the conflict. It is believed that the establishment acquired over 100 bullet holes as a result. It then served as a hospital but now operates as a 10-room bed and breakfast. Many believe at least sixteen ghosts haunt the bed & breakfast.



Tales of haunted ghosts and EVP sessions are endless. One particular ghost is known as Jeremy. Back in the 1800s, Jeremy, an 8 year old boy, was playing horse and wagon tag in the front the house but tragically slipped and was ran over. He died shortly in the “Sarah Black Room” and most people say he’s a very active ghost. Guests have played block letters with Jeremy, marbles, and he is also known for playing with plastic farm animals that were left out on the window once. Jeremy has also been captured communicating through EVP sessions.

Other hauntings are that of a former mid-wife nurse and several soldiers. Paranormal activities include the sound of heavy breathing, the smell of cheroot, and the sensation of the mid-wife “tucking” people into their beds. Several rooms in the inn are “hot spots” for spiritual activity. The “Sara Black Room” is one of these hot spots and is known as the most active room where spirits can easily be photographed.



The McFarland room is another room that often experiences strange sounds and heaving breathing and the Shultz room is where you’ll find yourself possibly being tucked in by the mid-wife.


Entities of Confederate soldiers include a soldier in the attic who will treat the living to a Jew’s harp, footfalls on the staircases, pacing throughout the main floor, and footsteps following employees around as they do their duties. Guests have often felt a presence on their beds at night, seen apparitions out of the corner of their eyes. Ghost Hunters, the Sci-Fi Channel, Unsolved Mysteries, and The History Channel have all paid a visit to this haunted inn.

Check out this video of voices caught on tape in the Catherine Sweney Room


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