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The Bike Of The Future Is Officially Coming… And It Looks Completely Awesome

Bikes have generally stayed the same since the early 19th century… (two wheels, frame, and a chain). However, there is one bike that is fixing to change all of that… meet the Teague X/Sizemore “Denny” e-bike, and it has all of the bells and whistles you could probably dream of.



The bike won the Oregon Manifest design contest last year and will be built by Fuji Bikes. Here are a few features that the bike comes with: electric drive pedal assist, an automatic gear shifter, front lights, brake lights, a custom front cargo rack, a removable/lockable handlebar and turn signals. Fuji is actually now planning on producing two different versions of the Denny Bike, one that has electric assist, and one without it. Still no word yet on the price, but according to OverVolted….  it’s probably going to be around $4,000 for the electric-assist model, and $2,500 for the conventionally-propelled bicycle. The bike will hit the market in October of this year!

Front cargo rack with straps


Removable battery pack


Automatic activating front lights


Handlebar with shift paddles


Front signals


Belt drive and Alfine hub transmission


Rubber bristles substitute fenders



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