Tiny Model Car Tethered To A Pole Hits An Insane 210 MPH Going In Circles

Basically, a tether car is a model racing car powered by a miniature internal combustion engines and tethered to a central post. Unlike radio controlled cars, the driver has no remote control over the model’s speed or steering. This particular tether car below reaches speeds of up to 200 mph and is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E.

The car’s owner is a participant in the American Miniature Racing Car Association where miniature car lovers put their tiny contraptions to the ultimate speed test.

The video below was filmed on a tether track in Wantagh, NY where the car completed 8 timed laps although the official timed speed recorded was 5.316 sec. This marked the fastest speed for the Vector so far and a new track record.

The car is heavily geared so the dude in the middle has to pull on the tether to get the car up to a minimum speed, then he stands on the little platform to keep from getting his legs cut off.

This one hits 210 mph

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