Teen Faints 3 Times On The Slingshot Ride, And It’s Utterly Hilarious

Some people just can’t handle crazy amusement park rides, like the slingshot ride for instance. Take this poor kid as a testament to that. He was hurled nearly 400 feet up into the air and passed out three times at a thrill park in Orlando.

Maybe the adrenaline got to him? Who knows, but his buddy, Jordan Van Schalkwyk, came along for the ride and witnessed the poor teen scream in terror, then pass out, then scream in terror again and then pass out on the Slingshot Ride at Magical Midway Thrill Park. (What’s worse: him passing out or that it was all caught on video?)

He seemed pretty OK at the start of the ride until he was catapulted into the air at a g-force of 3-5Gs. The ride is supposed to make you feel weightless the entire time it’s thrusting you into the air.

In the video, you can see his eyes rolling back as he slips into unconsciousness and then wakes up utterly terrified only to return to an unconscious state for about 8 seconds.

His buddy thought it was hilarious and kept nudging him to try to wake him. Jordan purchased the video and posted it online where it joined an array of similar videos.

See it for yourself below:

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