18 Of The Coolest Table Designs Ever

It’s no secret that dining is a central part of any social function.

Whether it be for weddings, family reunions, banquets, or large dinner gatherings around the holidays, one can never go wrong with a perfectly designed table for everyone to gather around.

Below, you’ll find a collection of exquisite coffee, accents, and dining table designs that will illuminate any room they grace.

Wood Log Table


1aDesigned by John Houshmand

Glass River Tables

2Designed by Greg Klassen

Amethyst Table

3Designed by Crystal Works

Citrine Tables

4Designed by Empressive Geo Designs

Sparkling Table


5aDesigned by John Foster

Branch And Tree End Tables


6aDesigned by Bleu Nature

Abyss Table


7aDesigned by Duffy London

Recycled Jet Engine Table


9Designed by MotoArt

Swing Set Table

10Designed by Duffy London

Bubbling Table

11Designed by Liana Yaroslavsky

Picnic Table


13Designed by Haiko Cosnelissen

Wood And Aluminum Tables

14Designed by Hilla Shamia

Petrified Wood Accent Table

15Image credits: Touchstone Galleries

Leaf Table


Dripping Chocolate Table

17Designed by Matthew Robinson

Moon Table

18Designed by Liana Yaroslavsky

Lake Table

19Designed by David Gill

This floor that grew a table


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