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Company Creates Sword-Like Keys To Make Unlocking Doors A Fantasy Experience

Who said keys have to be ordinary? A company called Hero’s Armory has designed majestic sword keys inspired by some of our favorite fantasy movies and video games.

Now, opening doors is so much more fun with unique sword-shaped keys that come in as many as 21 different designs.

From Zelda to Kingdom Hearts to Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, there’s something in here for every fantasy-loving nerd.

On their website, the company said, “The Key Armory was born out of wanting to hold onto something that constantly reminded us of our childhood heroes. Now you can unlock the hero within with your own sword key! Each key is expertly detailed and inspired by your favorite stories, compatible with most houses, offices, apartments & more!”

You can snag your own custom key for $12.99 at Heros Armory! Make sure to give this a share on Facebook before you go.

h/t Bored Panda

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