Swirling A Guitar Might Just Be The Coolest And Most Satisfying Way To Paint

The guitar is an ancient instrument, whose history dates back to 4,000 years. Where would we really be without it?

Hair bands and rock concerts just would not be the same. In this YouTube video, DeanSwirled shows us how he designs a custom yellow and black guitar by swirl painting.

What you do is fill a plastic container with about 40-45 gallons of water that will give you enough room to submerge the guitar without touching the sides.


giphy (6)

Grab a spatula and a drill so you can mix the Borax into the water.

Allow the water to sit to test the pH. Prepare the guitar by priming it and plugging up any holes. Wipe the guitar with a Tack cloth to be sure the surface is clean and ready.


Swirling blue and black

If you thought that was cool watch this guy create incredible art by painting it on water.

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