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This Hands-Free Suitcase Will Follow You Around Like A Little Puppy

Sometimes, we just need a free hand at the airport.

Between carrying our boarding passes, sipping our coffees, and checking e-mail, the last thing you need to do is worry about leaving your bag unattended somewhere.

The CowaRobot R1 is something is an autonomous suite case that follows you around using a smart bracelet and a mobile app to track your movement.

Lugging things around and fearing you’ll lose something in the process is a bit stressful, even for those who love traveling.

How the CowaRobot R1 navigates is what its makers call “CO-EYE,” a patented depth sensor technology built into the suitcase.

The bracelet also serves as a keyless remote for the CowaRobot


If you’re beyond the 164 feet “safe distance” from the carry-on, the bracelet will vibrate to let you know you’ve strayed too far



The app can also be used to share your travel plans, check on the battery levels of the suitcase, and to control another one of the suitcase’s smart features: the intelligent lock system

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The lock can only be opened by a custodian of the bracelet; built-in LED lights change colors to indicate whether the suitcase is locked and unlocked


It complies with TSA standards


Despite all the sensors and other components packed in this smart suitcase, it’s as spacious and effective as a regular carry-on bag


The CowaRobot R1 frame is built out of aluminum, and the entire piece has a capacity of 33 liters







The suitcase starts at $499, and once the project is funded (which it will be) shipping will start in November of this year.

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